Any organization is like a huge machine. It will only work correctly if all parts work in unison. But each part has its role, and one should not interfere with another. It is not possible for the owner of the firm to look after the workings of all departments. Thus, he needs to rely on the functions of each department head. Some crucial departments are finance, administration, legal and the HR.

Among these, the HR or the Human Resource departments are responsible for taking care of all recruitment related tasks. The HR executives also maintain data of all workers. Once Mr. William Almonte, while attending a conference commented that if an organization does not have a strong HR department, then it will not be able to prosper in the long run. In this article, you will get an idea about the HR department recruitment process.

Keeping track of employee records

The HR department needs to be prepared to fill in an opening as soon as possible. They cannot wait till an employee submits the resignation letter. The HR executives maintain the progress report and expectations of each employee. It makes them capable of anticipating whether an employee is thinking of shifting. Accordingly, the department needs to create a list of vacancies, so that they can initiate the recruitment process.

Planning for the recruitment process

The HR managers need to identify the skills that desired candidates need to possess. It will have a direct effect on the recruitment message that needs to be sent out. After they prepare the job opening advertisement, proper selection of all channels, via which the message will reach the applicants, must be done. In case this choice is flawed, then the results will not be satisfactory.


Acquiring and sorting the applications

Once the advertisement is published, many applicants will send their resumes. The next task that these managers have at hand is making a list of every applicant. Once this list is ready, they need to sort out the resumes, which match their requirement list.

Conducting telephonic interview

Not all candidates who apply for a job show up on the day of the interview. So, it is mandatory that the HR executives call up probable candidates and take a preliminary telephonic interview. They take a short introduction of the applicant and ask basic questions about experience current CTC and expected salary. William Almonte, goal oriented leader of titan staffing system, says that a seasoned HR executive will be able to make a mental note of candidates who will come for sure.


Face to face interview rounds

Based on the details taken from the interested candidates, the HR executives need to plan an interview session. The interview process depends on the type of job on the line. Once the interview is over, the HR department collects the final result from the administrative heads and informs the selected candidates. Along with this, these managers also tell them about the several procedures that need to be followed. Once the candidate submits all papers, the HR manager must draft the appointment letter and welcome the new members on board.