To run a company at first a mastermind is required to work for the business to take it to the peak position. But not only a mastermind will help to build a business empire, a part of the backbone of the company is their employees. Yes, these employees play a huge role to build up any business empire. In human body if we don’t have hands or legs then we won’t be able to work, same goes for a business empire the employees work as the hand and legs to run the business without the employees is very difficult, actually its near to impossible. But every person in not good at every job; if the company chooses the wrong person then the company may face failure instead of success. There are few protocols to recruit any employee to select the efficient and perfect employee for the company.

Every company has a board or panel with few persons who recruit the perfect employees for them. These recruiters have to follow some rules or protocol to choose the perfect employee. William Almonte has suggested some points on which they choose the employee with adding some of their experiences.


Vacancy is the main and the most important thing to look for before recruiting any employee. If the company has no vacant position to offer the employee so there is no option to recruit them.

Sometimes a new position may be created for any employee but it is totally upon the situation and the recruiters. If the recruiters see that the person has very good potential but he is not the one whom they are searching for. In such a case the recruiters analyze the company’s status and in future they may require this employee or there may be any position which can be created to get benefit in future. If all these things match then a new recruitment is done for a newly created position.


Develop Position Description

The core of the recruitment is actually the need of the position. The most important thing is to choose the correct employee for the job. To do this at first the recruiters should know the need or requirement of the job. This description of the position helps to select question to take interview. It helps very much to check whether the employee is perfect or not for the job.

Recruitment Plan

A recruitment plan is very important thing to recruit employee. Every work needs a plan so the recruitment also needs.


Group of Recruiters

A single person can’t do such a big thing. To recruit employee for a company a group of people is needed to choose the correct employee.

Shortlist of the Applicants

To shortlist the applicants is one of the important work. All the applicants may not be able to face the interview even.


Conducting Interviews

William Almonte has highlighted this point that after selecting some of the applicants a interview is require to take the final test. After taking the interviews the recruiters recruit the correct employee for the company then to job is completed.

Above in this article we discussed what are the steps followed by the corporate recruiters to select efficient employees.