Resume is the key elements which can unlock the doors of the numerous jobs. What is your efficiency, among all competitors what is your specialty everything should be added to the resume. William Almonte said that you should arrange your resume in a proper way so that among thousand copies it could catch the attention of the recruiters.

Do it yourself

To arrange a resume you can take advice from experts and get several samples on internet. It’ll be better not to copy from internet and prepare it yourself. You don’t need to write any title or heading at starting. Keep this in mind.

Resume is not an autobiography

First thing you need to know that you should complete your writing within 2 pages. Employers or recruiters usually don’t have enough time to go through the whole resume, try not to write descriptive statements. A resume should be formal.

It is said that one-page resume is a myth! Because candidates have to write their details, qualifications, work experience etc. It’ll be quite long. But you are advised by professional like William Almonte to keep the resume as short as possible.


The language of resume should be simple. Spelling mistake, grammatical mistake should be avoided. Your accuracy may impress them.

Personal details

You can add a sub-heading named personal details to your resume. Don’t write any unprofessional thing. You should clearly mention your full name, permanent address, contact number, official e-mail id etc. in resume.


Academic qualification

While writing resume after personal details, you should let the recruiters know about your education. The number or percentage of the most recent exam you’ve passed is to be written first. You have to add your college and university qualifications consecutively. Though school qualification is not top priority in job, but you can include the board examinations you’ve passed and obtained the numbers. It’ll be better if you properly mention the year of passing of each examinations. Sometimes potential employers check it.

Work experience

This part is considered as main and important part of the resume. The employers focus on this part before recruiting. If you have work experience the field, write down about your work history, accomplishments. This will give you additional advantages to get the job. If you have attended any important workshop no seminar, don’t forget to add it. If you’ve done a project with team, write your contribution, always mention your skills which are relevant with the job. The fresher can include the information about internship if you’ve done. If you’ve got a good communicative skill, must write about it.



Once you were involved in sports, writing, debate, course of any foreign language etc. And achieved awards, it is important to write them. This proves that you’ve done a great job not only in academic line but also in other fields.


Lastly you can write some references, names of 2 or 3 people who can refer you to new employer, along with their contacts. Make sure that they know about your all details and qualities and they give you permission to write their names.


The recruiters always observe your attitude and skill. Keeping these points in mind you can arrange a good resume and see how many offers you get!

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