The market is being competitive every day and people are finding ways to make their career more successful. If you are also interested in making your career more successful, then the recruiters can help you to get the best career opportunity. But the recruiters need to play an important role to find a good quality candidate who can help the company to grow up. The recruiters are the face of the employee hiring companies and this why they should know how to judge the candidates and impress them at the same time. Recruiters may be afraid of asking closing questions to the candidates but these are important to understanding their mentality. William Almonte is known for his remarkable successful career in the business, and he has highlighted some points to make the recruiters understand how they can ask the closing questions to the candidates while interviewing.

Important notes to follow for the recruiters while asking closing questions

Recruiters face many candidates, and they need to select the best one from a huge number of applicants. In this case, the closing questions can help them to understand the ability of the candidates and negotiate with them as well.

  • When you ask the candidates to give the reason for choosing your company you need to follow the answer of the candidate. If the candidate doesn’t answer you specifically, you should ask him closing questions there. If he or she shows you the reason of balancing family or economic condition, then you need to ask him what it means for them. This cross question can help you to get the specific answer of the candidate and understand the mentality of the candidate as well.
  • The closing questions are known as the best ways of searching and negotiating with the candidates. The high-quality recruiters always use this technique to get the best result in understanding what kind of candidate they are choosing.
  • The closing questions can help the recruiters to understand how the candidates deal with the situations. These closing questions can be asked by them from the very beginning of the interview. Whenever the recruiters find anything not clear to them then they can ask the closing question to understand the candidate clearly and negotiate with them in later stage.
  • The closing questions don’t make a recruiter unfriendly or uncomfortable with the candidate. So, they have no need to be afraid of asking the closing questions to the candidates. But these questions can help the recruiters to make an interview perfect.


William Almonte has explained that the task of the recruiters is to find the best candidates to run the company successfully and in this case, the closing dealing can help the recruiters. Whenever the candidates disclose their expected salary if the recruiters find it a great hike, then they can ask the candidate why they are expecting so or why the company should pay them these amounts. These closing questions are important to know about the confidence of the candidates and negotiation as well.

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