William Almonte is the president of Titan Staffing Systems, provide industrial staffing support.

Employment or recruitment agency is an organization which helps the employers to connect with the employees. The agent works as a medium and helps the employers to identify the eligible employees for their organization. In that way, with the help of the recruitment agent, employers also find the suitable job and employers.

The role of a recruitment agency:

According to William Almonte, recruitment agency plays a vital role in the market as the organization is responsible for both the employer and employee to get the suitable preferences for each other. The functions of the agency are:


· Employee screening and testing: Recruitment agency often conducts screening and testing for the employees. It will help the employers to find out the eligible employers of their organization. However, some agencies may not take the test the employees. They send the Resume of the employees to the employers by their hierarchy of the academic qualifications.

· Flexible Staffing: The staffing agencies are flexible. They often operate it on a short-term basis or long-term basis. Most of the recruitment agency with a short duration also works as another process to generate revenues in the competitive market.

· Helping out the HR: The recruitment process often helps Human Resource Team to reduce some burden by taking the responsibilities on their shoulder and take interviews and other screeni8ng tests to hire the eligible employers to the organization they are working on.

· Considerations: One of the critical roles of a recruitment agency is that the considerate all the requirement of the employs. It may be reviewing the curriculum vitae if the employees, screening test processing.


Types of recruitment agency:

According to William Almonte Mahwah, There are different types of recruitment agencies which conduct the hiring processes. They are:


· Contingency-based: They are nothing but the employment agencies, many developing nations have the employment agencies to recruit the eligible employees. They match the criteria of the organization they are working on, and they select the candidates and send them to the organization directly for the screening tests.

· Temporary agency: temporary agencies seasonal recruitment agencies who work on a short-term basis.


· Niche recruitment: This type of agency only work to get the skills employers for the selected organization.

 The advantages and disadvantages of Recruitment Agencies:

Before hiring a recruitment agency, the employers are required to go through the advantages and disadvantages of recruiting agencies before tie up with that organization. The advantages and disadvantages are discussed in below:



· Speedy result: Te recruitment office has a database of the job seekers. Therefore, employers can easily find the desired employees in the database.


· Time Saver: Recruitment office conducts screening tests and provides other services on behalf of the employees. Therefore, the employees can save an ample amount of time.


· Earning Trust: One of the disadvantages of the recruitment agencies can be gaining the trust. The newly established agencies often go through profit depreciation as the employees trust the existed and big agencies than the new one.


· Low-quality screening test: Often, the recruitment agencies perform all the interview process very unprofessional way. Therefore, it might be a reason to consider before hiring a recruitment agency.

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